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  • **NEW**Science of Synthesis (a full-text resource for evaluated methods in synthetic organic chemistry) is now available as a free trial until 30th November 2015. See more information about SoS; a Simpleshow video and Video Tutorials are also available. This is an expensive resource, and it will NOT be considered for funding unless there is a large demand for it, so please send feedback to
  • **NEW**Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) indexes additional high-quality, peer-reviewed publications of regional importance and in emerging research fields while the content is considered for inclusion in the highly selective Web of Science citation indexes, providing earlier visibility for sources under evaluation. To search: in Web of Science, select Web of Science Core Collection, and under 'MORE SETTINGS' check required databases - ESCI can be searched separately or along with other Web of Science databases.
  • **NEW**Springer Materials - a database of physical and chemical properties of materials - encompasses all volumes of the Landolt-Börnstein Series, the largest and most respected compilation of material science data, plus the complete Linus Pauling Files (properties of inorganic solid phases); a subset of the Dortmund Database of Software and Separation Technology (thermophysical properties of pure liquids and binary mixtures); an Adsorption Database; a Polymer Thermodynamics database and the MSI Database (critically evaluated reports on binary/ternary elemental systems with interactive phase diagrams). Search by element component, chemical structure or full text words. See further information and an introductory video
  • Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, 2nd Edition 2014, now available
  • SciFinder: see What's New in SciFinder
  • Journal Citation Reports (JCR - provides a combination of impact and influence metrics): 2014 data now available

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