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Agilent single quadrupole (Small molecule open access, ground floor)

Waters LCT (TOF) (Small molecule OA, ground floor)
Waters LCT (TOF) (LC-MS, ground Floor)
Waters LCT (TOF) (Protein MS, ground floor)

Waters Xevo G2-S with UPLC (basement)

Waters Xevo G2 (Oligo) with UPLC (basement)
Waters Xevo G2-XS with UPLC (basement)

Thermo Exactive with UPLC(basement)


Agilent GC-TOF-MS with TD and probe (EI-CI) (basement)
Agilent GC-single quad (basement)

Proteomics & Metabolomics

Thermo Elite with nanoLC- bottom up and top down proteomics (basment)
Synapt IMM-TOF-MS with nanomate (native state protein MS) (basement)
Thermo Q-Exactive with UPLC & IC5000) (basement) Waters VION - IMM-TOF-MS with UPLC (basement) - metabolomics  
Additional instruments
Bruker MALDI Autoflex Speed (imaging compatable)

Agilent 6550 with RapidFire (lower ground floor)


Waters SYNAPT G1 with nanomate (Native protein MS) (basement)    



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