Ryan Clark

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Dr Ryan Clark

Course Developer and Demonstrator




Ryan Clark is a course developer and demonstrator specialising in practical physical chemistry, working within the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory. 

A large part of Ryan's work involves supervision of second and third year practical physical chemistry, ensuring that students are safely carrying out their experiments.

Alongside this, another large responsibility Ryan has is modifying the practical chemistry course to ensure that the experiments are up to date in terms of the techniques which the students are learning, as well as making sure that the experiments are being run in a way that conforms to current safety standards and are relevant to the current research environment.


Ryan graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016 with his final year research project in the group of Professor Pete Licence studying the surfaces of ionic liquids using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. He then moved to Imperial College London in and completed a PhD with Professor Tom Welton in 2020. During this he studied the properties of ionic liquids near electrodes using fluorescent imaging, x-ray scattering, and molecular dynamics. After this he moved to Lyon in order to work with Professor Agilio Padua until 2022, studying the capture and conversion of carbon dioxide in porous ionic liquids. He joined the Chemistry Teaching Lab in July 2022.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys cooking, playing video games, watching rugby, and going for long walks.