Our priorities

Building on our history to prepare for an impactful future

Oxford Chemistry's academics, researchers and students are at the crux of a global mission to understand fundamental science and use this knowledge across a broad range of applicaitons. Philanthropic support has played an important role in shaping the Department over the years, enabling the building of new laboratories and supporting posts, students, equipment and research. Philanthropic support is more important to us now than ever and can make remarkable things happen in the Department.

Our four areas of strategic priority are laid out below, and we would be delighted to talk with you about these or other areas of interest in greater depth. Please get in touch to learn more. 

Support excellent students

DPhil and Part II students drive forward important research across the breadth of the subject and are vital members of their groups, contributing to invaluable academic insights and every aspect of Department life. We are immensely grateful to all those who have supported Oxford Chemistry students to date. In 2023, we will be working to build up our strategic student support fund, to drive student-led research in sustainable chemistry and beyond. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss the different ways to support brilliant young chemists from around the world, or follow this link to make a gift in support of Oxford Chemistry students.

Support trailblazing academics and researchers

The success of Oxford Chemistry is born out of the exceptional work conducted by its staff, from early career researchers right through to world-leading senior academics, across the entire span of the subject. Our researchers are working collaboratively to push past traditional subject boundaries, and their work ranges from truly fundamental and curiosity-driven to readily applied chemistry. One of our central priorities is to be able to attract and retain the best chemists at every career stage. Philanthropy plays a ciritcal role in this, giving us the flexibility to remain competitive with institutions around the world and support global leaders and their research. We would be delighted to discuss specific posts or areas of research with you if you are interested in supporting outstanding chemists. 

Support capital projects

Outstanding research requires outstanding laboratory facilities that meet the requirements of modern research, as does our mission to attract the best students and researchers from around the world. There are many ways to help transform our laboratory environment, from enabling the purchase of cutting-edge equipment to engaging with us as we embark upon an ambitious plan to construct a new laboratory facility to shape the future of chemistry. 

Support outreach initiatives

Our outreach programme aims to inspire school-age students with knowledge about chemistry and its role in society, to encourage students to consider studying chemistry at university, and to help young people fulfil their academic potential. From running workshops, competitions and lab visits to organising career and research talks and welcoming school students to the successful UNIQ programme, the outreach programme touches thousands of school students around the country every year. Do get in touch to learn more about the wide-reaching and impactful programme, and the different ways to engage with it.