Our community

We are a large and vibrant community of people made up of academics, teaching, research and support staff and students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We share the common goal to further the discipline of chemistry and its positive impact on society through excellence in teaching and research.  

Our staff contribute to this goal in different ways whether that be through research, teaching or in support of those activities.  In the labs our postdoctoral researchers work alongside our postgraduate research students and our Part II undergraduate students providing mentorship and training. Together, these contributions create Chemistry at Oxford.

People in Chemistry at Oxford

For those who work in our Department:

We seek to provide an inclusive and collaborative staff community that:

  • listens to and learns from all its members
  • welcomes, respects and celebrates differences
  • values everyone’s contribution to the department regardless of role or status

and to provide a work environment where:

  • everyone feels supported to do their best work 
  • work-life balance and wellbeing are regarded as essential for all
  • we seek to continually improve, assessing the effectiveness of new approaches, benchmarking against others, and learning from best practice

We are supported in these objectives by the wider University and the support, benefits and facilities it provides its members.

Find out more about our staff and working in the Department

Take a look at our staff stories to hear from our staff about their roles, backgrounds and why they chose Oxford Chemistry.

‘What makes my role so interesting is that you never know what you will be working on next and each new challenge or experience is another opportunity for development.’ Lee Douglas, Deputy Finance Manager.

‘If I can continue to work at Oxford Chemistry, I will. We have a Department full of passionate and welcoming people, always willing to help.’ Maitane Fernandez Chento, Centre for Doctoral Training Programme Manager.

‘This project is exciting to me as we have an opportunity to benefit the lives of millions of people in developing countries who suffer from these potentially fatal diseases.’ Ed Anderson, Professor of Organic Chemistry.

‘I’m now managing a team of brilliant students and fabulous postdocs.’ Emily Flashman, Senior Research Fellow.

‘It has been a great honour working with my colleagues and I am passionate about completing the apprenticeship.’ Ryan Taylor, Electrician Apprentice.

If you are interested in joining us take a look at our current vacancies.