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Open-access mass spectrometer systems - ground floor, lab 20.062

The Mass Spectrometry Research Facility in Chemistry has two open access systems. One for small molecules and second for large molcules/protein analysis. Both are walk up instruments requiring minimal training. If you would like to use either of these systems and have not been through an induction session (takes place in October at the start of the year) please contact one of the mass spec facility team.


Small Molecule open-access mass spectrometer system in lab 20.062


Open Access

Protein open-access mass spectrometer system in lab 20.062


Protocol and Safety in the mass spectrometry labs

  1. No lab coats to be worn in any of the MS labs.
  2. Open access autosampler is in continuous operation: Care should be taken not to touch it when submitting samples.
  3. Sources are hot! (usually between 100 and 350oC). Take care when cleaning.
  4. Never remove or tamper with any part of the mass spectrometer system. If a instrument is not working please report to a member of the MS facility staff.
  5. Data – you are responsible for keeping it safe. For all instruments other than open access – make sure you remove it from the instrument computer hard drive within at least 1 week. You may keep it on MassStore

Please read safety information on the mass spectrometry website and all information provided at Mass Spectrometer terminals























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