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Previous members of the lab

Joe Harvey
Joe Harvey Visiting student, McCullagh group (2016-17)

Dr James Wickens

Mass Spectrometry Services Manager (2011-2018)

Mr Iklaas Pokon

Summer Student (2018)





Dr Ashley Shepherd

Mass Spectrometry Services Support 2012-16

Colin Sparrow

Research Associate in Mass Spectromtry

1998-2016 (Retired)


Mr Miko Sipin

Part II McCullagh Group


Dr Alessandro Valli

Postdoctoral Research Associate Metabolism and metabolomics

McCullagh Group

Dr Joan Gannon

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cancer Metabolism and Imaging

McCullagh Group


Ms Gianna Samandoura

Mass Spectrometry Services and research support McCullagh Group. 2015-16

Mr Johannes Diehl

Internship in Mass spectrometry 2016 McCullagh Group. 2015-16

Dr Alessandro Valli

Postdoctoral Research Associate Metabolism and metabolomics McCullagh Group. 2015-16

Ms Saba Muazzam

PhD visitor Phytochemistry McCullagh Group


Mr Jacob Studholme

Part II McCullagh Group (Mass spectrometry) 2015-16


Dr Whitney Kellett

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2015


Ms Greta Donisi

Research Internship in Cancer Metabolism. Summer 2015


Dr Khalid Al-Quhtani

D.Phil Chemical Biology and Mass Spectrometry 2011-15


Ms Noreen Hafiza

PhD visitor Phytochemistry 2015-16

Dr Areesha Nazeer

Postdoctorial Researcher in Mass Spectrometry 2014-15

Shweta Chavan Ben Harrington

Mona Wilken

Intern in Mass Spectrometry April-July 2013

Dr Shweta Chavan

NERC Postdoctoral Research Associate . Dept of Chemistry & the Research Lab for Archaeology.

Ben Harrington

Part II student in Mass Spectrometry 2013-14.

Ms Beatrice Whitham-Agut

Part II student in mass spectrometry 2014-15.

Mr Lingzhi Gong

Research Technician Mass Spectrometry
Nikita Stefan W Zoe
Valerian Grote

Dr. Nikita Loik: D.Phil.

D.Phil: Developing LC/MS methods for the identification and quantification of post translational modifications in proteins. 2013

Stefan Wocheslander

Research Assistant Research Assistant placment in Mass Specctrometry 2012-13.

Zoe O'Shea

Part II student in Mass Spectrometry 2012-13

Valerian Grote


Ms Lee Yvonne Hiu Yan (Part II, 2010-11)

Mr Robin Procter (Retired Dec 2010 (46 years in department of chemistry)

Mr Alan Lewis (Summer student, New college, Oxford, 2010)

Dr Neil Oldham (moved to University of Nottingham, 2006)

Dr Joanna Kirpatrick (moved to Waters Coorportation, 2006)
















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