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Proteomics submission guidelines

The proteomics service uses two MS systems a nano LC/MS/MS and a MALDI TOF TOF to perform peptide mapping, protein ID and post-translational modification analysis from tryptic digests or purified peptides submitted by members of the chemistry department using the sample submission form below. Elisabete Pires runs this service and will be very happy to discuss how it works or the applicability of the techniques in the context of your research. Please contact her in the first instance to discuss your proteomics needs if you have not used the service before.

For all nanoLC/MS/MS or MALDI TOF TOF analysis complete a 'proteomics' sample submission form.


In-solution tryptic digest protocol for proteomics

In-gel tryptic digest for proteomics

Zip tip cleanup protocol



The following link provides additional sample preparation protocols and tools for proteomics:

Matrixscience: Mascot

Proteomics Server: Expasy

Protein Prospector

Peptide Property Calculator

MS/MS Fragment Ion Calculator



Please see Elisabete Pires in the first instance if you have not used the oligonucleotides trained user systems or MALDI TOF TOF previously

MALDI sample spotting for oligonucleotides

Sample preparation for oligonucleotides prior to sample analysis by LC/MS (new Jan 2017)

Sample submission form for oligonucleotides

A guide to oligonucleotide analysis on the MALDI TOF TOF





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