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Trained user mass spectrometers

Trained-user instrumentation: The facility has a number of instruments that are available for research involving more extended use of mass spectrometer systems. GC/MS, LC/MS, UPLC/MS, MALDI can all be be accessed after initial training has been completed.

If you think you would benefit from access to one or more of the facility's trained-user instruments you should contact Dr James McCullagh to discuss which MS system will best meet your requiremnts. Appropriate trianing will then be arranged. The trained-user online booking system can then be used to book time on instruments for which you have training.

The following MS systems are avaiable for trained-users:

GC/MS: Waters GCT, 1st Floor


MALDI: Waters Maldi Micro, Basement.


LC/MS: Waters LCT system with Agilent 1100 HPLC system, 1st Floor


LC/MS: Waters ZMD with Agilent 1050 HPLC system, Ground Floor


Tripple quadrupole: Waters Quattro micro with PAL CTC autosampler: Basement


Q-TOF: Waters Q-TOf micro with Advion Nanomate: Lower Ground Floor














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