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How to get instrument training

  1. Clearly identify with your supervisor which mass spectrometry experiments you would like to perform.

  2. Contact Dr James McCullagh to arrange a quick meeting to discuss which instrument training would best suite your proposed experiments (you can visit him in his office in the basement located between NMR and MS labs, between 2 and 5pm weekdays).

  3.   Having agreed your MS training needs a training session will be booked and you will be contacted by email to conform the instrument, time and place for the training.

  4. Training will take between 1 and 2 hours depending on the instrument, once completed you will then be given a password which will enable you to book the instrument when it is available.

Please note that non-one may use trained-user mass spectrometers in the CRL MS research facility unless they have received training from a member of the MS staff and signed a  training record for the instrument.

Please also note that some instruments have strict guidelines regarding maximum booking periods and maintenance. You will be introduced to these during the training but please note that ongoing trained user status is contingent upon adherence to these guidelines.



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