AdvanceHE Teaching Awards

AdvanceHE Teaching Awards

A pilot programme is enabling Junior Demonstrators to gain recognition from the Higher Education Academy for their commitment to teaching and achieve nationally recognised professional qualifications.   

The pilot was led by Malcolm Stewart and Zoe Smallwood at the Chemistry Teaching Labs.  It was run by and co-developed with the support of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (Dr Jane Pritchard and Dr Dominic Alonzi).

The programme has so far led to awards for eight Junior Demonstrators.  Arya Arun, Toby Johnson, Rebecca Jones, Kyoungeun Lee, Alexandra Lovelock, Rhodri Mir Williams, Jonathan Moloney and Dorottya Szalay have all been awarded Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Malcolm Stewart, Director of Teaching Laboratories, said:  ''This is great news for students and for the Department's continued commitment to supporting teaching. Thanks to the Centre for Teaching and Learning to enable us to recognise the quality of teaching of Junior Demonstrators in the practical course, and congratulations to all the successful candidates!"

Dr Zoe Smallwood, Training Lead Co-ordinator, said: "I am pleased that the pilot programme, that we have developed with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, has been a success. It is excellent to see some of our Junior Demonstrators gaining professional recognition for the quality of their teaching, and is a testament to their hard work and commitment to do so. Congratulations to the successful candidates!"