Oxford Chemistry glassblower in BBC crafting showcase

Two plasma illuminated glass sculptures of dragons, one red and one blue, designed and made by Terri Adams.

Two of Terri's plasma-illuminated glass dragons.

Look out tonight on BBC Two for Oxford Chemistry’s glass design expert, Terri Adams, who will be appearing in David & Jay’s Touring Toolshed.

In this new series Sir David Jason and Jay Blades MBE will meet a whole host of crafting enthusiasts and experts. As well as showcasing some of her scientific glassware, Terri was able to show the team her more artistic projects, including a sculpture of a cricketer and a breath-taking pair of plasma illuminated dragons.

Watch on BBC Two tonight, Thursday 1 Feb 18:30.

The whole series is available on iPlayer now (Terri’s section is in Episode 9 at 20:11).