Photo competition 2022 winners

Photo competition 2022 winners

Many thanks to all the entrants in this year's Chemistry Department photo competition. We received a wide array of excellent images, and after careful deliberation we're pleased to announce the winners below. Congratulations!

General Chemistry

Photo competition 2022: General Chemistry, first place

First place

Tristan Johnston-Wood

This photo combines experimental chemistry, computational chemistry and nature. The photo was taken in the Duarte Computational Chemistry office where the code in the background is from a Python package being developed to calculate free energies. Computational chemistry is often aesthetically uninteresting, so I have combined plants from the office, tiny glassware and flowers alongside Python code to add some colour to the standard computational chemist's view.


Xuelei Pan

The fancy colourful light and shadow on soap bubbles. The photo was taken in my kitchen. It shows an image of the light texture of a bubble, which is an imitation of wall paper of the iPhone.

Photo competition 2022: General Chemistry, second place

Science Up-Close

Photo competition 2022: Science Up-Close, first place

First place

Yujia Zhang

The doughnut-shape structure is composed of fluorescently-labeled ovarian cancer cells. Each bright spot here represents one cell that has a diameter of several micrometers. All cells were embedded in UV-crosslinked silk hydrogel—a natural biocompatible macromolecular protein network—that finally formed this ecliptic structure using hydrogel droplet printing techniques.


Hannah Hayler

A freshly cleaved piece of muscovite mica showing facets of different thicknesses, indicated by the multiple coloured domains. The large blue domain indicates a thin facet of 2–3 microns. We use muscovite mica as a substrate to study liquids under confinement because it is atomically smooth.

Photo competition 2022: Science Up-Close, second place

Teaching and Learning

Photo competition 2022: Teaching and Learning, first place

First place

Beth Watkins

Blackboard notes from a lecture in the PTCL, Hilary Term 2022.


Louis Summerley

Hydrogen discharge lamp shot through a diffraction grating in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory 1st year lab.

Photo competition 2022: Teaching and Learning, second place *

Highly commended

A selection of highly commended entries in the 2022 photo competition.

 A selection of highly commended entries across all three categories by (clockwise from top-left) Hannah Hayler, Lily Phillips, Astrid Southam, Xuelei Pan, Lillian Lie, Emeric Claudiu Ardelean, Lillian Lie, Iago Grobas, and Kelly Britton.