Protein Society award for Philipp Kukura

Protein Society and British Biophysical Society awards for Philipp Kukura

Congratulations to Prof Philipp Kukura, who has been awarded the 2022 Emil Thomas Kaiser Award by The Protein Society. The award is given annually for a recent, highly significant contribution to the application of chemistry in the study of proteins. Prof Kukura, the only non-US-based recipient in this year’s awards, receives it for his work on mass photometry – a technique that measures the mass of single biomolecules using light scattering. He will also be awarded the 2022 Sosei Heptares Prize for Biophysics by the British Biophysical Society. This award is given every two years for substantial contributions to Biophysics or Biophysical Methods by an individual whose principal work has been carried out in the UK or Ireland.

Prof Kukura is one of the founders of Refeyn, a spinout from the Department of Chemistry that designs, manufactures, and supplies mass photometry instruments. Both the company and the uptake of mass photometry have grown rapidly over the past few years, and are a testament to the technology’s value and impact for protein research.