Charlotte Prentice

Charlotte Prentice

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Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician


I grew up in Dublin where I studied Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). As part of my degree I got to participate in the Erasmus programme; I went to Belgium for six months and worked in a research group, which was such a great experience. After my degree I worked in the Sports Office of DIT for a year. I wanted to get back into the lab and ended up moving to the UK to do an MRes at Cranfield University. I really enjoyed being in the lab, but writing my thesis put me off doing a PhD - I knew I wanted to be lab based. I got a job at the University of Bath as a technician in their undergraduate labs and haven’t looked back. 

My current role

I’m currently a Senior Technician in the Chemistry Teaching Lab. I’m responsible for the 2nd/3rd year lab and the analytical suite. It can be a bit manic at times with 100 students in the lab, but I love the fast-paced and busy environment where no two days are the same. I really try to make the lab as fun and enjoyable for the students as possible. It’s very rewarding seeing students grow in confidence. I’m quite a chatty person and enjoy getting to know our students, and I always look forward to welcoming them back at the start of term. 

In the analytical suite I have really enjoyed learning new techniques and how the instruments work; there is still so much to learn! I really enjoy working in my team; we are a close knit bunch and have so much fun. It would be very hard for me to leave, as I love my job and my team.  

Other interests

Outside of work I’m quite a crafty person; I sew and knit almost all my own clothes, which is such a rewarding hobby. I love saying ‘thanks, I made it’ when I get compliments. I’m a keen gardener too, growing as many vegetables as I can fit into my garden. This year the pigeons won’t get my brassicas.