Dr Georgina Gregory

Case study: Georgina Gregory

georgina gregory

Fellowship: Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Title of the research: Mixed Electron- and Ion-conducting Elastomers for Energy Storage Applications

About the research

My research focuses on addressing challenges limiting the performance of energy storage technologies through the design of polymers that simultaneously optimize both ionic and electronic conductivity. More specifically, it draws upon renewable bio-based feedstocks and precision polymer chemistry to deliver microphase-separated block copolymers. This way, stretchable polymers can be synthesized, incorporating one microphase to provide channels for optimized ion movement and the other for electron transport. Such materials are relatively underexplored but could have huge benefits for meeting the practical performance targets of next-generation rechargeable batteries and for electrochemical devices, sensing and wearable electronics. The interdisciplinary research involves synthetic polymer chemistry, materials characterization and testing. 

How will this fellowship help my career progression?

The Royal Society fellowship will help accelerate my career as an independent researcher by providing a five-year position and funding for PhD students, equipment and collaborations. In addition, the fellowship provides training (management, public engagement, policy), mentorship (pairing scheme) and access to a support network of other Royal Society Fellows.  

The support the University provides

The University has supported me through access to the Chemistry Department’s Research Facilitation Team. At an early stage, the Team advised on which fellowships to apply for and the application process. Later, on proofreading and feedback on the application proposal.


I obtained my MSc (Hons) from Imperial College London and PhD from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath. In 2022, I joined Oxford Chemistry as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow, following postdoctoral research with Prof Charlotte Williams FRS (Chemistry, University of Oxford). My postdoctoral research also involved being part of a Faraday Institute funded project SOLBAT with Prof Peter Bruce FRS and Prof Mauro Pasta (Materials, University of Oxford).