Autumn Chemistry Conference 2022

Open to Year 12 and 13 students (or equiv., 16-19 yrs) and their teachers interested in finding out more about the cutting edge research happening in the field of chemistry, and hosted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford. Sixth form students are welcome to attend unaccompanied by a teacher. 

About the speakers:

Ben Shennan is a 3rd year DPhil student in the group of Prof. Darren Dixon. He will discuss his forays into natural product synthesis, targeting molecules isolated from a sea sponge from Papua New Guinea and a Chinese mountain shrub. 
Hannah Asiki is a 3rd year DPhil student. She will discuss her research into anti-parasitic compounds derived from naturally occuring compounds, as part of the Chemistry in cells PhD programme.






16:00 - 18:00




Key Stage 5 students (16-19 years) and their teachers.


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