Chemistry Race 2024 - Registration

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A student-led one-day competition event for teams of Y12/13s looking to study chemistry or related subjects at university. Questions are written by current university students and tackle problems across the chemical sciences, aiming to stretch the students beyond the A-level curriculum. The event takes place in three venues: Oxford, Cambridge and Pardubice (Czechia).

The registration for the Chemistry Race 2024 will open at 12pm on Monday 4th December 2023. Schools do need to register when it opens (places go really quickly) and specify a preference for either Oxford or Cambridge and whether they can only attend one venue. Students can register on behalf of the school. To help schools with registering quickly for the race, they’ll need to have the following information:

1. Firstname
2. Surname / Last name
3. Email address
4. Name of responsible teacher
5. Email address of team leader (Student 1)
6. To contact you: teacher/student email (choice)
7. School name
8. School postcode
9. Team Name
10. Student names (first name, surname), up to 5, inc. team leader
11. No. in their final year
12. Consent on privacy notice
13. Photography consent

Link for privacy notice is:

Registration will be available on 12pm on Monday 4th December 2023 at this website:

You can also sign up to the mailing list here to receive updates about the competition.




12:00 pm


The Departments of Chemistry at University of Cambridge and University of Oxford


Key Stage 5 (16-19 yrs)