Fragrance Chemistry / Combinatorial Esters (plus optional talk, with Q and A)

This workshop is for post-16 students taking A level Chemistry or equivalent. 

There are two options available, depending on the extent of students' knowledge of analytical chemistry. ‘Combinatorial Esters’ for students who have covered IR and NMR, please select 'Combinatorial Esters', and ‘Fragrance Chemistry’ for those who have only covered IR, or have yet to cover analytical techniques. Teachers must accompany groups of students, but it is possible for a student to attend without a teacher, if they are the sole attendee from a particular school.

We may be able to arrange a career and research talk and Q&A from one of our current DPhil students, as an add-on to your visit. Please select this option when booking, if this is of interest.

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10:00 - 13:00 (or until 14:00 with additional career and research talk)


Chemistry Teaching Laboratory, Oxford


Key Stage 5 students (16-19 years)