UNIQ 2023

Applications for UNIQ 2023 are now open. UNIQ is the University of Oxford's sustained access programme for students from under-represented backgrounds who are in their first year of further education (Key Stage 5) and begins in April 2023. 

As part of the UNIQ course, you'll take part in a residential (Module 3) in July, which will feature a mixture of lectures, tutorials, and practical work to give you the full academic experience in Chemistry. Lectures will cover a range of subjects, showcasing the diversity and breadth of the Chemistry degree. Students will also participate in tutorials covering physical, inorganic and organic branches of chemistry. In addition, a range of practical activities take place, providing a chance to explore aspects related to the taught course.

Applications close on Monday 23rd January 2023 at 11pm. You can apply here and find further information on UNIQ here.


Key Stage 5 (16-19 years)


23/01/23, 11pm