Patricia Rodríguez Maciá

Case study: Patricia Rodriguez Macia 

Photo of Patricia Rodriguez Macia

Fellowship: Glasstone Research Fellowship in Science

Title of the research: Translating the understanding of complex biocatalytic processes into catalyst and material Design

About the research

My group studies metalloenzymes in nature that catalyse energy conversion reactions, i.e. small molecule activation such as hydrogen conversion, CO2 reduction, and water splitting among others. We employ an inter-multidisciplinary approach using a combination of spectroscopic and analytical techniques to investigate natural systems, to learn from them and mimic their essential characteristics, to create semi-synthetic catalysts and catalytic materials for energy conversion reactions needed for renewable energies.

How will this fellowship help my career progression?

The Glasstone Fellowship is helping me to establish myself as an independent research leader by providing funding for research and attendance to conferences. This fellowship has provided an excellent opportunity to conduct research at a world-class institution, to build new collaborations within and outside Oxford, and has allowed me to gain teaching experience. The Glasstone is a stepping stone toward a permanent academic position.

The support the University provides

The University of Oxford provides solid support for early career researchers such as the MPLS training courses on leadership, project management, enterprise, teaching, and learning, etc. The Department’s Research Facilitation team is very helpful! They run grant application seminars and early career researcher events. They are always up to date about the types of funding available and they help you during the application process. Last but not least, the mentoring possibilities at Oxford are great. You can ask for advice and learn alongside brilliant academics, which makes a real impact on you.


I studied Chemistry at the University of Alicante in Spain, before moving to Germany for my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI-CEC, Muelheim) with Prof. Wolfgang Lubitz. I then conducted my first postdoctoral research with Prof. Serena DeBeer (MPI-CEC), and in 2020, I joined the University of Oxford as a PDRA in Prof Kylie Vincent’s group. In 2021 I was appointed Glasstone Research Fellow to start my independent career.