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Research Interests

The Davis Group develops and applies methods for the design, analysis and manipulation of functional molecular interfaces (bioelectronic, biochemical, wires, mechanically interlocked, nanoparticles), often at molecular scales, and are actively engaged in the use and development of state of the art molecular, theranostic and medical imaging technologies.

Current projects include:

Supramolecular films and polymers: the integration of sigma hole Lewis acids into molecular films (electrochemically addressable), the generation of new tools to analyse and switch ion binding.

Nanoparticle theranostics: The design and synthesis of responsive MRI contrast agents & cargo delivery systems.

Molecular films and electron transfer analyses: Tuning electron transfer interfaces and the development of fundamental methods in impedance technology.

Diagnostics: The development of highly effective protocols for assaying disease biomarkers, including those of generic clinical value (C-Reactive Protein, Insulin) and those affiliated with Parkinsons Disease. 

See the main group web site for more detail.

The group's research activities are sponsored by the EU, EPSRC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, The Royal Society, The British Council, The Leverhulme Trust and Parkinsons UK.


Professor Jason J. Davis was born in London.  He lives in rural Oxfordshire with his wife, daughter, direwolves, fish, and frogs.


BSc First Class Honours, Chemistry, Kings College London, 1993; DPhil (Oxon.), Chemistry, 1998

Prizes, Awards & Honours:

The Victor Gold Prize for Chemistry (Kings College London, 1991), The Ivor John Prize for Organic Chemistry (Kings College London, 1992), The Robert Wakeford Memorial Prize for Chemistry (Kings College London, 1993), Extraordinary Junior Research Fellowship (The Queen's College, Oxford, 1998-2003), Ramsey Fellowship (1999), Lindemann Trust Fellowship (1999),
Royal Society University Research Fellowship (1999), University of Oxford Readership (2008), Dr Lees Readership (Christ Church College, Oxford, 2009–), Royal Society Brian Mercer Award (2012), Fellowship of the ERA Foundation (Feb 2013).

Academic Positions:

Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry, Queen's College, Oxford (1998–2003)

Extraordinary Junior Research Fellow, Queen's College, Oxford (1998–2003)

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Jesus College, Oxford (2001–2003)

University Reader in Chemistry (2008–2014)

Dr Lee's Reader and Senior Subject Tutor, Christ Church, Oxford (2006–)

Professor of Chemistry (2014–)


Professor Davis has attracted more than £7 million of peer reviewed funding since 2003.



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