Jim Thomson

Dr Jim Thomson

Dr Jim Thomson

Deputy Director of Studies



Jim Thomson studied chemistry at the University of Oxford where he gained an MChem (2003) and then DPhil (2007) working with Professor Steve Davies in the area of β-amino acid organocatalysis. After his graduate studies, he was appointed to a Junior Research Fellowship at St Catherine’s College and continued his association with the Davies group as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and then Senior Research Fellow. In 2010 he was elected to a Fellowship by Special Election at St Catherine’s. He holds long standing Lectureships at New College and St Catherine’s College, and he is also the Tutor for Admissions at St Catherine’s. Jim took up the position of Departmental Lecturer in Organic Chemistry in 2022, and introduced a standardised tutorial programme in Organic Chemistry as well as termly departmental collections. He was appointed to his current position of Deputy Director of Studies in 2023.


Jim Thomson has research interests in the area of synthetic organic chemistry, the development of novel asymmetric transformations, and the total synthesis of natural products.


Jim Thomson teaches all aspects of Organic Chemistry for Prelims, Part IA and Part IB, in the first three years of the Oxford MChem course. His lecture courses include Year 1 – Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry, Year 3 - Radical Reactions, and several modules of the Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Supplementary Subject. He also supervises Part II students who wish to undertake a research project in synthetic organic chemistry in their fourth year.