Meera Mehta

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Professor Meera Mehta

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry



Research Interests

At its heart, all our research efforts aim to answer fundamental questions in chemical science. Our research interests span a broad range from main group synthesis to finding applications in catalysis and materials science. Much of our work focuses on the design of group 14 and 15 main group clusters to uncover unprecedented electronic and bonding structures, as well as finding applications in synthetic science. One of our goals is the capture and conversion of greenhouse gases such as CO2, N2O, SO2, and CO into useful feedstocks. Ultimately, our aim is to change the way we think about main group elements and contribute to global sustainability efforts. For further details and list of our contributions, visit our research page.


Meera Mehta was born and raised in downtown Toronto Canada. She completed her honours undergraduate training from McMaster University (2008 – 2012) and PhD from the University of Toronto (2012 – 2017) under the mentorship of Prof Douglas Stephan. In 2018, she was awarded a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship to work with Prof Jose Goicoechea at the University of Oxford as a PDRA (2018 – 2019). After her postdoctoral training, Meera was recruited to the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry in 2020 to establish her independent research group. Meera then returned to Oxford in 2024 as an Associate Professor in Inorganic Chemistry where she is also currently a tutorial fellow at Trinity College.



Research group

Mehta Lab


Trinity College