"First light" for Department's new X-ray diffractometer

A new X-ray diffraction instrument was unveiled today in the Chemistry Research Laboratory. The Rigaku Synergy DW (a dual source, rotating anode X-ray diffractometer) fitted with an Oxford CryoSystems HeliX very low temperature device has been installed in Chemical Crystallography, with its “First light” today.

People at the unveiling of the new X-ray diffractometer.

The Synergy DW with representatives from user research groups

The machine was purchased with funds from the EPSRC and the John Fell Fund, following a successful application by Richard Cooper and José Goicoechea. With its arrival it will be possible to collect data on smaller crystals, faster, and at more extreme conditions, enabling work with more challenging materials and continuing to support the amazing science carried out here in the department.

Head of Department Mark Brouard unveils the new machine.

Head of Department, Prof. Mark Brouard, unveils the new machine.

The first crystal was synthesised and grown by Aaron King, and mounted by Kirsten Christensen and Josh Abbenseth after Head of Department Mark Brouard had cut the ribbon.