Research Excellence Framework 2021 results

Today [12/05/2022] the UK funding bodies have published the results of the UK’s most recent national research assessment exercise, the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. Research from the Department of Chemistry was submitted to Unit of Assessment 8 (along with some research from the Nuffield Department of Medicine in the field of chemical biology/medicinal chemistry).

In Unit of Assessment 8 66% of Oxford’s submission was judged to be 4* (the highest score available, for research quality that is world-leading in terms of originality, significance, and rigour).

Professor Mark Brouard, Head of the Department of Chemistry said: “I am pleased to receive the REF results. I would like to thank everyone who worked on our REF submission, especially the Chemistry Management Board and REF team, as well as all those who produce the Department’s outstanding research. I think we can all be proud to work in such a wonderful department with so many very talented and brilliant colleagues.”

Professor Tom Brown, Associate Head for Research at the time of REF 2021 said: “I would like to echo Mark’s message of thanks to all those who worked on our REF submission and I am delighted that the Department achieved such a strong performance in research output.”

Among the highlights of research we submitted are investigations into fundamental chemistry as well as research that improves human health, drives economic growth and makes progress towards environmental sustainability. Our 208 submitted publications, selected from around 3800 produced during the REF period, reflect the breadth and scope of chemical research in the Department. Our Impact Case Studies demonstrate how our research translates to effect real-world change, from drug and instrument development to the foundation of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, which has revolutionised DNA and RNA sequencing.